Master's Degree: University of Florida
Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching, Learning and Facilitating Change with Educational Technology
Completion Date: May 2010

Educational Technology Core

EME 5403: Instructional Computing 1
Instructional Computing I is a course about using common software packages (word processors, spreadsheets, presentation tools, graphic organizers, web site creation, etc.) in teaching, learning and integration into the classroom setting.
EME 5404: Instructional Computing II
ESE 6939: Instructional Design
This course provides you with an introduction to the instructional design process. Instructional design bridges the gap between cognitive theories of learning and the practice of teaching. It presents a systematic plan for analyzing learners and environments, organizing and structuring information, and assessing learning for effectiveness.
EDG 6931: Literacy & Technology
This course explores how technology can be used to enhance reading, writing, at-risk readers and writers, speaking, listening, assessment and literature.
EME 6945: Practicum in Educational Media
This course is designed as a culminating experience and is designed to synthesize the content covered within our Masters degree through academic reading, scholarly writing and practical application in an educational setting. Each student can synthesize and apply degree content to their unique educational environment.

Curriculum and Instruction Core

EDE 6325: Classroom Research/Guided Inquiry
In this experience you will learn the process of teacher inquiry by exploring the literature, studying the teacher research of other practicing teachers, and planning your own inquiry. This course is specifically designed to help practicing teachers understand the purpose, goals, and process of inquiry as well as explore what inquiry offers your teaching.
EDG 6047: Teacher Leadership for School Change
This course will examine the causes, configurations, and consequences of educational change on the work lives of teachers in order to understand the way change unfolds within a context and shapes the world of education and the work of teachers.
EME 5207: Designing Technology-Rich Curricula
This course explores questions that address issues associated with curriculum and teaching. The major focus will be on curriculum development and determining how technology can best be used to promote student understanding.


EME 6205: Digital Photography & Visual Literacy
Students will explore three main aspects of digital photography. First, we will investigate a variety of ways to take digital photos, with the goal being a collection of photographs that can be used in a teacherís curricula. Second, we will explore digital photography as a process that teachers can use with students to help them learn about important subject matter. Finally, we will discuss the importance of helping students become visually literate.
EME 5405: The Internet in K-12 Instruction
This course provides a holistic view of the issues and strategies associated with using the Internet in K-12 instruction. Participants will use a variety of social software applications (i.e. weblogs, wikis, social bookmarks, RSS aggregators, etc.) to work with course content and will develop activities for use in their own educational context.
EME 6208: Designing Integrated Media
EME 6458: Distance Teaching & Learning
This course examines how distance teaching, learning, and other confounding variables intersect with each other. As Thomas Cyrs states, "Students don't learn from technology. They learn from competent teachers who communicate through the technology." In this course, we'll look at the history and foundations of distance education, strategies for teaching in a distance environment, support structures for students, and more!

Certifications Received
Teaching and Learning with Technology
K-12 Technology Integration
Curriculum and Instruction